Highlight Reel

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Stretching is a very serious matter
This morning I did a WOD with some thrusters and rowing in an attempt to wake up.  On my very last rep, I drop down, weight in my heels, knees out, elbows up, driving up through my legs and opening my hips violently to drive the bar up, keeping the bar close to my body as I press to full, WHAM…straight into my chin!  As I sat there officially awake, exhausted, rubbing my chin, I thought about the last time I did the same stupid thing and I laughed.
To both the old school crew and the new comers, I want to wish everyone many enjoyable, hopefully not too painful, learning moments along the way…
This weeks highlight include but are not limited to:
-Fondo gets his first muscle up, followed by another 30 in less ten minutes!
-The Sunday afternoon parking lot WOD declared an official Back Buster!
-6 newbies in the On Ramp Program!
-The next climbing phenom is discovered?
-Rico buys Vibrams!
-Sondra 285 Deadlift!
-Suver PRs the 500m row by 4 seconds!
-Signs put up and Storage room opened!

-A borderline Pukie bucket  initiation:)

Good stuff!  And if you are planning on doing something kick ass, please remind me to grab the camera first!

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