Howl at the Moon

“Insufficient yelling in the gym causes bad form” – Mark Rippetoe

I’ve seen it many times, the workout is over and someone says, “I could have gone harder.”  I’m not sure where intensity comes from, if its a learned skill or something some people are just born with, but in this program intensity equals results! It definitely is something you get used to dealing with, learning how to test your limits, remembering that it will end eventually and then going harder. Everyone has their own style, but I have a question, do you think yelling helps? I am amazed when I watch someone on their 3rd round of a brutal workout and they remain silent. When I start the workout, I don’t plan on grunting and moaning my way to the end, it just seems to happen! Maybe its my mind and body having a battle, “Don’t do anymore, you’re tired, you don’t need to finish the wod today…Fuck YOU!! I’m going to finish this workout!” I guess my answer would be a resounding yes, but what do you think? Do you push yourself hard enough? Have you let the beast out or do you think there is value in silence and self control?

I have the Power!



21-15-9 reps for time of:


Pull ups

This is the most recognized workout in the CF arsenal. If you have never attempted it before, it is a must! The weight for men is 95lb and women 65lb (scale down as needed!). The best have performed this in under two minutes, while someone untrained in the movements can take longer than fifteen minutes, if they finish it at all. If you don’t have a barbell to use, you can substitue burpees for the thrusters.

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